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The New User Icon Battle Sig

2016-02-15 02:29:59 by TheGamechanger

Interested in the Newgrounds User Icon Battle?  Show your support by using one of the sigs below!

Normal Version


VS Version


Supporter Version


User Icon Battle Archive


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2016-03-16 10:14:56

Whats the Newgrounds user Icon Battle?

TheGamechanger responds:

The shortest explanation is this:

The Newgrounds User Icon Battle is an annual event on the general forum in which a maximum of 32 users battle by role-playing as their user icons. Each individual battle is a 1 on 1 matchup, and the users get to pick which color they want to be represented as on the victory flowchart. Before a battle can begin, the users of each respective battle must choose a battle zone to fight in, with each battle zone containing different hazards that a user can use to his/her advantage. The only exception to this is the Void Battle Zone, which doesn't contain any hazards at all since it's literally a void.


2016-03-17 00:44:17

Sounds alot like some tournaments people have with their OC's. Been apart of a couple of those, you should let me know when this goes on again, if you remember.

TheGamechanger responds:

It begins May 7.


2016-04-26 11:02:31

I wish I was a supporter now. :<