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The Video Game Music Archive

Posted by TheGamechanger - December 1st, 2014

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My Video Game Music Philosophy: If a game has music, then its highly likely that the soundtrack is already on YouTube or someone's currently trying to upload it.

And yes, the Video Game Music Archive is indeed my main archive.


Some of the music would make great exercise work-out themes!  And if you're wondering, then yes, I would actually archive my own game music once I finally make some, complete with 10-hour extensions on YouTube.


IMPORTANT TIP: You can endlessly loop any of the music here by quickly double-right clicking on a video and selecting the "loop" option.  That way the video will automatically keep replaying itself forever while you don't have to click the replay button.  You can try this out on any YouTube video.


My Video Game Music "To-Do" List:

1.) Currently random.


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Video Game Archive Section B

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Video Game Archive Section D


My Guide To Battle Music

My Smash Bros. Fanfiction


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If you love game music:

= Club Stoic =


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Comments (5)

Thanks! Maybe try to focus on a single game. I love the music in Awakening and Rekka no ken.

I already finished the first 2 games in the Fire Emblem series.

This must have taken quite some time to compile!

It's not finished, nor will it ever be due to new games always coming out.

I have my work cut out for me....

One could always see if you could get some people willing to help out. Have them do the lionshare and have you review their lists. That'd make things simple. Of course, people are not always reliable.

I would ask people to help, but I have no idea who to ask.

Never know, you could always post a thread in the forums and see if anyone responds. Maybe even a thread on reddit or something.

I don't have a reddit account, and I have a feeling that making a thread about it will attract unwanted attention (i.e. trouble).

I dunno, the worst that could happen is they spam you, and you can block them.