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The Random Adventures of TheGamechanger

Posted by TheGamechanger - November 29th, 2015

My adventure with other users (used to be just me and PulserX/Irus-Strict) shall continure in a comment chain for all to see.


Two blood-thristy zombies, eager for some new prey, ambushed TheGamechanger and knocked him unconscioius to make him their unwitting sex toy.  After hours of enjoyment, they made the fatal mistake to leave him alone.

After waking up, TheGamechanger carefully undid the knots that held him in placee, and made his escape.  He then met a great lion of a man called PulserX, and they teamed up and decided to take revenge on the poor bastard zombies.

The zombies ran to their hideout in the old abandoned pirate's cave.  After flooding the cave with the pirate gunpowder, TheGamechanger and PulserX lit the gunpowder up and ran like hell as everything exploded behind them.

However, one of the zombies survived and the explosion sent him to the nearby Fountain of Youth, which cured his zombie virus.  The former zombie, known as Monster64, found an interdimensional portal to worlds unknown and lept in it in order to get reinforcements.

TheGamechanger and PulserX, armed with Gordon Freeman's crowbar, a dragon-knife with a built-in mini-flamethrower, a rocket launcher, and a yet-to-be-assemebled Newgrounds Tank found a different inderdimensional portal and jumped in it for their own reinforcements.


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@PulserX, I added a new backstory to the new post that involves interdimensional portals!

Only comment when the problem that you're having with news posts gets fixed.

Fixed it. I've lost lighter during that fire..you got another one?


Here, here's another dragon-lighter.

According to my high-tech tracking equipment, the portal that we went into lead us straight to Cybertron.

Do you have any idea where that S.O.B went?

The portal he went into went straight to a place called Equestria. Looks like we're going to have to kill some critters.

Wait up there..I see something far away in the distance..looks like some kind of huge creature.

It's Megatron! And he's sleeping! Let's mess with him!

You grab this shotgun right here and I'll set him on fire.That's the plan,alright?

This is Megatron we're talking about. He's a giant, evil, transforming robot that can't exactly be killed with just ordinary bullet and fire.

I know but I found a button on my lighter that turns it into a A3-21 Plasma rifle.

It's easier to recruit an Autobot to fight for us.

Fine but you better watch out 'cause I see Skeletons warriors rising from the depth of hell. We either take them out or get in that cave in front allowing us to escape from them. You choose.

Into the cave!

*slowly walks into the cave*..It's pretty cold in here and I can see a bunch of graves around here.

Oh no, the mouth of the cave just closed in behind us! And is that teeth I see at the cave's mouth!? Dammit, the cave is alive and it just ate us!

*wakes up in mysterious place after is eaten by cave* Where the hell are we now?

We're still in the cave. We're just in the stomach area.

What? Aw my head hurts..I'm seeing blood everywhere in this weird ass place.

That's not blood, it's stomach acid!

Ugh,my head got slammed against some of the rocks and my vision is blurry and I'm not feeling too well.I'm not seeing what you're seeing!

*Uses dynamite to blast a hole in the monster's stomach*

Quick, let's make our escape!

*struggle to get out of cave*
That was a bad risk man but ugh my head is bleeding..do you have some bandages?

I don't have any bandages on me. Here, have some leeches, since it's the old-fashioned way of getting rid of bleeding.

Thanks,every now and then I keep seeing these mysterious lights and random blood. This stupid head wound is affecting me...

Oh look, it's a UFO!

Huh? I see it but wait a second..It's Megatron again..what's the plan?

Attack him using a dildo.

Not the time for jokes.This is serious..I still got my Plasma rifle if that helps.

Aim at his crotch.

*attacks his robotic crotch as he explodes* Phew,that worked out pretty well. You think that UFO is here to kill us or save us?

I think save us. INTO THE TRACTOR BEAM!

Hell no,we went into the cave and we seen what happened. W're destroying it. *destroys UFO with plasma rifle*.

Congratulations, you just shoot down a UFO that had the inscription "Alien Space Babes" on it.

We just lost some free sex!

You're lucky that there's another UFO flying around with the same inscription.

Have you forgot about the skeletons warriors? They're coming for us! My rifle is out too!

*dresses one of the skeletons as Jason from Jason and the Argonauts and then lets his fellow skeletons attack him out of mistaken identity*

*Me and PulserX escape in the UFO, and we are greeted by super-sexy alien babes*

Boy,this UFO looks cool..also I see someone with an eye patch hiding in a cardboard box..that's not who I think it is ..is it?

It's Solid Snake on vacation.

Now if you can excuse me, I'm having a foursome with the alien babes.

*20 minutes later* Well great,the leader of this UFO isn't so happy about me destroying their previous UFO..we either kick his ass or try to calm him down somehow. You choose.

Calm him down. Negotiate that we'll help pay for the UFO insurance.

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